Logging In

ExpressLine telephone banking is accessed by your unique member number. This is different from online banking which is accessed by your 19-digit debit card number or 16-digit MemberDirect number.

To log into telephone banking:

  1. Call the ExpressLine telephone banking number: 204-949-1048.
  2. You will hear a brief introduction followed by the menu options:
    1. For account information, press 1.
    2. For deposit and loan rates, press 2.
    3. To cancel a debit card or Collabria credit card, press 3.
    4. To end this call, press 9 or hang up.
    5. To contact our Member Solutions Centre, please call 204-594-4063.
    6. To repeat this menu, enter the pound key (#).
    7. If no option is selected the menu will repeat.
  3. If you press 1, you will be asked to enter your member number, followed by the pound key (#).
  4. You will be asked to enter your personal identification number (your password set up upon enrolment) followed by the pound key (#).
  5. The menu will then list the account types associated with your membership. You may proceed with your transactions. Access the transaction menu here.
Updated on May 1, 2020

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