Managing Transactions

With Business Online Banking, signers and delegates will have different access to transactions, depending on their level of account authority. Signers on the account can initiate and approve transactions. Delegates can initiate – if they have Initiator level access – but they cannot approve. Once a delegate has initiated a transaction, the signer(s) will receive a notification at the top of their page asking them to approve it.

Approving Transactions in Business Online Banking

Any authorized signer on the account can initiate a transaction, though most signers have a delegate(s) initiate transactions on their behalf. Transactions requiring approval appear at the top of the signer’s page when logged in:

These are called “Pending Transactions.” Pending transactions must be approved before they expire:

  • Bill payment transactions will expire after the payment date specified by the initiator has passed.
  • All other transactions will expire in seven days.

Pending transactions will be categorized by the following:

Transactions Requiring Your Approval
Transactions in this category require you to “Approve” them in order to complete the transaction.

Transactions Requiring Approval from Others
Transactions in this category mean they’ve been initiated by yourself or others and require approval from other signers in order to complete the transaction.

Transactions Rejected, Recalled, or Expired
Transactions in this category have been rejected by you or other signers, recalled by a delegate or other signers, or have expired after a period of seven days.

Once a transaction has been approved, the transaction will be processed through the account and appear in the account activity as a complete transaction.

TIP: Signers can set up alerts to receive an email or text when there is a transaction awaiting approval.


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Updated on July 25, 2019

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