Memorized Accounts

Memorized accounts let you log into your online banking quickly and conveniently.

Online Banking

  1. Navigate to the online banking site.
  2. Click Add a Memorized Account.

3. In the Account Name field, select a name for the memorized online banking login that is meaningful to you. For example, your first name.

4. In the Login ID field, enter the Personal Access Number (PAN) of the online banking login.

5. Click Submit.

6. When you click Submit, you will see a summary of all memorized accounts on that computer.

7. To complete the login process, click Return to Login. The memorized account will be populated in the Login ID field. If there is more than one memorized account, there will be a drop-down field to select the account to log into.

Mobile App

  1. Navigate to the app on your device.
  2. On the login page, enter your Login ID and click Remember Me. Click Continue.

3. The Login ID will appear in the Login ID box.

4. In the Nickname field, select a name that is meaningful to you for the mobile banking login you want to memorize. TIP: You can set up QuickView at the same time here, if desired, by clicking the QuickView button. More information on QuickView.

5. Click SAVE.

6. Continue the login process to access the app.

Updated on May 8, 2020

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